I'm a 21 years old digital artist student at Tec de Monterrey. I like anime, cartoons and videogames, also I like to read fantasy novels and comics. I love animals and nature.

I was born in the state of Michoacán where I lived for 18 years, then I move to Guadalajara city in Jalisco to start my major studies; I lived there for three years. Then I move to Querétaro where I been living for a month by now.

I decided to study Art and Digital Animation because I always liked to draw and I passinately love fictional stories and animation

I'm a newbie in the world of cosplay with only two actual cosplays done so far. I recently started learning japanese because of my boyfriend. I also started to play Dungeons & Dragons what always was a dream of mine since my chilhood but Inever get the chace to play.